19 Chairs

Founded by design duo and brothers Tom and Will Butterfield, in reaction to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the lockdown, 19 Chairs celebrates one of the most humble pieces of furniture; the chair. 19 Chairs were made in 19 days in their south London garden, and this feat of craftsmanship is being used for a greater purpose.

The chairs have been sent off to a host of inspiring artists and designers who will each reimagine the chair, adding their own touch, and reinventing, to create a chair fit for purpose for an older person. The 19 reworked chairs will be displayed at their exhibition in December, coinciding with their online silent auction. All profits raised will be split between the charity Age UK, and after the events of America recently, Resourcing Racial Justice Fund.

Learn more at 19chairs.co.uk, or search for @19Chairs on social media.

And if you would like to contribute to any of these worthy causes please visit their websites:

Learn more at ageuk.org.uk
Learn more at resourcingracialjustice.org

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