The Hidden House

The Hidden House has been one of our most challenging, and simultaneously, rewarding residential projects to date. We have known the family for some time, they live in South West England but wanted a Central London base.

We called it The Hidden House, as it appears from outside to have a only a front door set into a low wall, with no windows with nothing behind it. In fact it goes back some way and has a basement, and a clever flow of mezzanines integrates the home.

The family was more familiar with traditional interiors, and yet were brave enough to trust us to give them a scheme that is, indeed, very contemporary but can accommodate modern and period furnishings.

The property was shortlisted by RIBA and also won the Property of the Year Evening Standard Award.

Photographer – James Brittain Photography
Architecture – LTS Architects
Bespoke Kitchen / Joinery – Touch Design Group