Perucchetti has perfected the art and application of Venetian Polished Plaster achieving the most unique textures and a vast range of colours to compliment classical/modern day architecture and design. Indeed, their client list is a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ in the world of top international designers and clients, who commission them for bespoke finishes for individual projects.

Perucchetti was established in 1970 and have offered traditional methods of applying Marmorino Venetian Stucco producing a unique polished plaster emulating natural stones, marble and other decorative materials used in design. The finishes have an exquisite yet delicate patina, but are incredibly durable both externally and internally.
Perucchetti has access to the central bibliotheque in Venice where it has catalogued the old recipes and today they still use these methods as they believe that the ancient craftsmanship and skills have never been bettered and that the ‘ready mix’ materials of today do not have the quality and depth to achieve these extraordinary finishes.

The finishes range from textured limestone, Classic Polished Plaster and Grassello’s that can imitate a leathered elephant skin, limed oak, pumice, lava flow and a broken translucent Grassello with 9ct gold to name a few of the textures created. Within the textures they use intricate rare minerals, diamond carbon polished with soap to give a fossil effect in the plaster. All our work is based on 25 year old cured lime with marble dust as the basis, and the plaster can be applied to most areas.

Perucchetti researches organic materials to create new recipes within the derivative of Marmorino Polished Plaster. The plaster is ideal for the replication of architectural features, such as classic stonework, indented or embossed patterns and antique patinas from opaque colours to the translucently of alabaster.

The majority of their work is in prestigious and private residential homes worldwide, their work has been used in renowned iconic buildings which have included hotels, yachts, aeroplanes and commercial buildings.

Broseley are big fans of Perucchetti, and we are always pleased when an opportunity arises to work on the same property together.

Natascha Boldero, director of Perucchetti Plastering/ Studio.

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