A Client’s Insight: Dickie Bannenberg

“Every time I open my front door, after a long day, I am thrilled! Every Day. Our house is exactly how we envisioned it “.

Dickie and Susan Bannenberg bought their house over 20 years ago, in a pretty terraced street in Fulham. But over the years, and with two childen kicking around, it was looking tired and in need of some attention.

As the founder of the eponymous Bannenberg & Rowell, they knew what they wanted to achieve and they also decided to re-configure some significant areas so the brief was very clear and focused.

We asked Dickie about the differences between designing a yacht interior and a house. He told us “There is some commonality in both, but the greater difference is that this is our long term full time home. We worked very closely with Broseley and I can tell you that it was all a very seamless process. We project managed together, and John Thursfield was with us every step of the journey.”

The greatest changes were in the front of the house, where Dickie and Susan wanted to be able to open their front door and step into a spacious relaxed area, which would flow upstairs and to the back to the house. These houses typically have a narrow hall so that both the hall and the room itself, can feel dis-connected and boxed in. Their design allows the family to use the reception room as an integral part of the house, the core, as opposed to a small room in the front! At the back, they have an amazing double height glass extension, onto a garden, which floods the house with light.

We asked Dickie what the highlights were. “We installed a sprinkler system to allow us the greatest flexibility with space planning .We also put down a polished concrete floor, with underfloor heating. This was high on our wish list, and has contributed hugely to the comfort of the house. We also added a further cloakroom. Upstairs, we renewed the roof and refurbished all the bedrooms and bathrooms.”

In contrast to their busy and vibrant office, which of necessity is full of books, drawings and plans; screens and boards, plus all the accoutrements that come with running such an international and successful practice, they wanted to come home to peace.

“I would not describe our home as minimalist, but it is pared back to what we use and what we love. We wanted a calm and quiet space, so we’ve used soft colours throughout and our furniture is quite unembellished in form”. Dickie and Susan both have eclectic tastes and collect 60’s prints and lithographs. In particular they are fans of Gerald Laing and Antony Donaldson.
Susan was kind enough to say “We had total faith in Broseley, we thought the ride would be smooth, but we didn’t think we would actually enjoy it, and we did. You and your team have been unfailingly nice to us and we will miss seeing you every day”.

And Dickie added, “What I love about this house is that it feels spacious, it is warm and inviting but not cluttered. A retreat from the pressures of life. It just works brilliantly for us. We were a great team!”

Dickie Bannenberg, Founder – Bannenberg & Rowell

Find out more at www.bannenbergandrowell.com

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